Temporary exhibition

glas med tørrede planter på hvid baggrund


Botanicals and bioactivity

Recently, the classic long drink Gin Tonic has experienced an increase in popularity. Before gin became the gin we drink today, the interest in distilling juniper berries and tonic water, started quite differently than behind the bar. The primary botanical in gin is juniper berries. Early on, juniper berries were known for their beneficial properties which could be utilized in medicine. The same applies to the bitter
quinine used in tonic water - it changed the world and for centuries was malaria drug no. 1.

The special exhibit shows and tells the story of the most popular botanicals used in gin and tonic water, which, in addition to being flavoring gents, also have a background as herbal drugs and traditional medicines. Hence, the exhibition provides a fun look behind the popular spirit and the well-liked, bitter mixer – and the effects of the plants in our body.

The exhibition opens at the Culture Night on October 11 th, 2019. Afterwards, it can be enjoyed on Thursdays from 13-17 at Museum of Natural Medicine (free admission).